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To tell you the truth, reason behind thepenfreak is to feel useful. Seeded as an idea in early 2010s, the website could only be launched in December 2016 (Yep, that lazy).

Well, now that website is live and you are here,


Welcome to your tape.

Welcome to your Tape thepenfreak
World is huge. Everything is happening at the same time.

You are a curious soul. You want to know every interesting thing that’s happening. But you are a judgmental asshole as well, so you draw conclusions and have multiple opinions (yes you are capable of that, dive deeper) for all that’s in front of you and beyond.


However, there are days when you just shut yourself off, lie down in your bed talking about stars and Cleopatra.
We understand you pal. We understand you completely. We do because we also feel the same. And with our News, Opinions, Art and Void sections, we got you covered.


Upgrade your awareness about the world with thepenfreak
Draw Opinions and Learn about others’ with thepenfreak
Feed your twisted artistic soul with thepenfreak
and Rant and talk and nurture your alter-ego with thepenfreak















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